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Organizations Tim Has Coached For...


LA Kings

Implemented the 11-Minute Energy Activation™ Technique with the entire LA Kings organization and we decreased our man games lost due to soft tissue injures from 83 the previous two years to ZERO the two years I was there...Saving the organization over $4.5M in man games lost.

The Oakland Raiders

The 11-Minute Energy Activation™ Technique was birthed out of my experience being the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Oakland Raiders!

Brendon Burchard

Fortunate to work with one of the greatest High Performers and Self-Help experts in the world such as Brendon as well as Mel Abraham who's hiding out behind us doing a photo bomb!  They both have benefited from implementing the 11-Minute Energy Activation™ Technique into their lives!

Usher Raymond IV

Usher is an Eight-Time Grammy Award Winning Entertainer.  

We utilized the 11-Minute Energy Activation™ Technique on his world tour and it allowed him to have the energy he needed to perform every show and minimize his injuries and not miss one scheduled event!

Kevin Ward

Kevin had been in constant pain for the previous 5 years due to an old ankle injury.  He had been to chiropractors, massage therapits, acupuncturits, MDs and other specialists and the longest he was able to get and stay out of pain was 1 hour.  He would have to pop advil like it was candy during his 4 day events.

We started working together and in conjunction with me working on him, he performed the 11-Minute Energy Activation™ Technique several times per day, every day.   He slowly started getting better and in 6 months he was pain free and started playing pick-up Basketball again!  He hasn't had to take another Advil while he speaks since! 

Axel Eason

I've been working with Axel since he was 6.  Axel has some big dreams...the kind of dreams I love to get behind and support!  

He's been using the 11-minute Energy Activation™ Technique since he was 6.  He had a bad knee injury this past year playing football and his orthopedic surgeon said that he was surprised Axel had not torn any ligaments and that whatever he was doing definitely helped prevent any sever damage to his knee!

Bo Eason

Bo is a retired NFL Safety who played for the Houston Oilers and the San Francisco 49ers.  He went on to become an acclaimed playwright and performed his one man show Runt of the Litter on Broadway.  He now trains others to find and tell their Story.

Bo has been utilizing my 11-Minute Energy Activation™ Technique for over 10 years now.  He WILL NOT go on stage or speak without doing it!

The Adams Boys

This is a dated picture of my then 7 and 8 year old boys helping to demonstrate how to utilize the 11-Minute Energy Activation™ Technique!