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“Coach Tim Adams Knows how to get the most out of a body...

My life is about performance. All of our lives are about performance. To me performance is everything. We are all graded by it, we are all paid by it. When you're ready to go to the top whether on stage or in the board room you need Tim Adams by your side."

- Usher Raymond IV -


Have you ever wondered why you don't have a better body?

  • Have you been working with a trainer and doing everything he tells you to do?
  • Have you been doing that "Magic Bullet" exercise DVD?
  • Have you been using an exercise tool that promises a more?
  • Have you been doing your own thing?
  • Any or all of these in order to get better body?

Are you frustrated that you've put in all that time, energy and effort and yet have nothing to show for it?

You should be!

The good news is that there is something you can do about it.  You can unlock your Muscles in a matter of minutes and get them working as they were designed to be used!

How you ask?

That's a great question and the answer as well as the Body of your Dreams is based on science, 30 years of working with the best performers in the world, and my ability to get results quicker than you can imagine!

You see, when you're Muscles aren't unlocked, it's an impossibility to build a better body! 

When you learn this one specific technique you will be able to get them to be engaged which will allow them to fire properly at any time!  

When you get your Muscles to fire at the right time, then you can use them!  When you use them you can actually build them!  Once you build them it will change your life!

  • Imagine how good you'll feel putting on your jeans and the confidence you'll exude when you walk into a room and everyone sees you differently.
  • Imagine how great you'll feel when you're exercising and how strong you will feel!
  • Imagine moving more gracefully and effortlessly!
  • Imagine having more energy to come home and play with your kids and engage with your spouse!
  • When your muscles work you move more efficiently...When you move more powerfully people respond to you differently...You get better results!


"I came into the program thinking that, if only to improve my form when I squat and lunge, it would be well worth the investment. After having multiple pulled muscles and one torn muscle in the past year, I knew that I could not afford physically to continue down the same path of injury. My goals were to improve my form, decrease my risk of injury and improve the size of my glutes.

Through Better Bottom Line, I was able to actually see the mistakes I was making in my form (which no personal trainer I’ve worked with has ever pointed out to me!). Then I could correct these potentially dangerous mistakes. Doing so allowed me to physically feel a difference in the movements, which allowed me to move towards the results I wanted and at a much quicker pace than ever before.

In less than a month after starting Better Bottom Line, I noticed a significant change in the density of my glutes. They look and feel firmer and my legs are more toned as well. Within 3 weeks of beginning the program, multiple people in the gym commented about seeing a visual change in me and that was super exciting! I’m feeling more and more confident about wearing what I want to wear, whether its leggings in the gym, shorts in the summer time or a swimsuit at the beach. I am so looking forward to continuing to see the results over the weeks, months and years to come."

Sarah Davis


4 Reasons why a better bottom will change your life! 

Look Better!  Take back control of your life and shape your body!

Have More Confidence!  Build a more shapely, dense, and appealing body you love to admire...And others will admire more!  Look great in those jeans or look even better in your birthday suit!

Do More!  Having muscles that fire properly allows you to do what you want to do when you want to do it!  Like play with your kids, roll around on the ground and chase them around the park...when you want to!

Hurt Less!  When your muscles fire properly your back pain will diminish.  Don't let Pain stop you from playing, working, or performing and living the high performance lifestyle you deserve!

"I started doing the 11 min routine every single day just 10 weeks before Butt Camp after a very grim diagnosis following a severe accident before Christmas that took out both of my legs. I truthfully thought it would be more than I could handle but I trusted Tim to lead me on the path to the next level whatever that was. This is what happened 😁:

By week two: Down a couple of pounds Energy up Starting to see that hollowed out look in my abs that I haven’t seen since my modeling days ( don’t ask how long ago that was hehe ) I could skip on both legs and could bend my knees with load of reps at a 30% increase.

By the end of week 4 : Hips smaller I was keeping up with the class on reps !!!! 250 lunges each side today!!!! Blood pressure and resting heart rate down Sex drive up 😉( oops did I say that lol ) Feeling amazing My coach saw a difference in my performance that she thought showed improvement from the level I was at before I got hurt. ****THIS is the reason you need to join this course - winning a lot doesn’t necessarily mean you are not breaking down. I can pass the pencil test on my bum !!! .....the whole time I had fun doing the challenges and learning it took to get to this place !!!

Tim, from the bottom of my heart - thank you for doing what you do and for giving me my career back - look out US Open 2018. If a person wants the best results then they must go to the best source. My only regret is that I hadn’t done this sooner when I had the opportunity. I’ve trained in the past with Olympic medalists etc and have never seen results as fabulous as you get from working with Tim and it’s easy to follow. This is now my lifestyle. Do this course - you are going to meet an amazing new you at the end of it !!!

Best course I’ve EVER taken !!! "

Dawn Tetrick Wessels


Learn how to get the Body you can be proud to show off! 

Learn the one thing that is holding you back from building your muscles!

Learn what the best performers in the world do to take care of their bodies. 

...When you learn how to take care of your body in this specific way you improve the way you move, you move with less effort and as a result you have more energy and will create greater longevity! It’s the fastest way for you to create more life in your years.

WARNING! Other Beneficial Side Effects

When you get your Glutes to fire and you start using them as they were designed to be used...

Amazing things start to happen...

Your low back pain starts to diminish or even disappears! 

Just the other day I was putting a group of entrepreneurs through this program and within the first day of performing this method one of the participants comes up to me and says he can't believe how good his back felt in just the first 15 mins of our work together!

You stand taller!

When you get your glutes to fire properly your hips sit in a better position which will allow your spine to sit better on your sacrum...This means that you will feel like you are at least an inch taller and you will hold yourself in a better position!  As a result people will ask you if you've been working out...

You move more efficiently!

Your overall movement becomes easier because you are not fighting ever step you take.  When your glutes fire at the right time it allows all your hip muscles to work as they were designed.  And when your hips are functioning more effectively then you are less likely to be co-contracted.

You are less likely to get injured!

Having your muscles fire at the right time also helps prevent potential injury.  When your body functions as it is intended your body can then handle more stress and will not break down as quickly!

Improved Range of Motion (ROM)

When your muscles are firing as they were designed then your ROM will improve.  You see your body will only give you the range of motion it can stabilize!  If it feels like you are unstable it will lock your joint down in order to protect it...protect you...this is a survival mechanism!

Improved Hormones

When you get your Glutes to fire properly you can then work them at higher intensities which will allow your body to generate more positive hormones...the kind of hormones that make you feel alive!  Have Vitality, Virility, and the energy you need to get through your day with ease!

 But, (yes...pun intended) I can’t do the exercises FOR you...
...but you definitely CAN.  And you are going to want to!  

Getting the Glutes of your dreams doesn't require hours of work
doesn't require going to a gym
doesn't require using expensive equipment!

You can do all of these exercises in the comfort of your living room or on the road.  There is no excuse for not having a better Bottom!

You can do this program anywhere!

Important Note: I care about your results!  It matters to me that this makes an actual difference for you and your Butt...which is why I’m offering a 30-day, money back GUARANTEE. If you have followed the program as directed and you're not satisfied with your results, then just shoot my team an email ([email protected]) requesting a full, immediate refund.

Join Today for only $497

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Tim developed Bottom Line to help you build the Body you've always desired, the Body that you can be proud of, a body to be admired and a body that will serve you for the next 10, 20, 30 and 40 years to come!

If you want to look good naked, look appealing in those new jeans, or just know you've got the body of your dreams then this is the program for you! 

If you have low back pain, hip pain or even knee pain then this is also a program you should consider!

Tim is driven to help his clients create a greater presence on stage and on the field.  Which will help them connect more effectively and fulfill on their dreams for the next 10, 20, 30 and 40 years to come!



Coach Adams is an industry leading Performance Coach who has trained World Champions, Olympic Medalists, NFL and NHL All-Stars and MVPs, as well as entertainment industry icons.

His powerful systems help create greater energy, focus, and confidence to increase the quality and longevity of your life.

Tim has traveled the world to study under some of the top athletes, scientists, and practitioners in the world in a quest for performance perfection.  Through these experiences, Tim has identified common patterns in individuals with long and successful careers. As a result, he developed proven systems like Energy on DemandTM, the Eleven Minute RoutineTM.

His techniques help you naturally increase your vitality, virility, energy, focus, and resistance to stress all while enhancing your for the next 20, 30 or 40 years to come.


What Does All This Mean?

Well, if you want to improve your presence, enhance the way you look, feel like you are unstoppable, and have more energy while doing it...

Then you need to jump in and get to work!

...See what others are saying about the Results that can be had by working with Tim and doing these exercises!

"I felt like I got a Butt Lift after the first day!"

"In just one hour of work I noticed a significant difference in the way my Butt felt!  It felt like I got a butt lift!"

"Coach Adams did such a great job coaching us through the exercises...fir the first time I felt like I was using my glutes!

-G S


...You've been cursed with that terrible disease of "No Ass At All"

...You're currently in pain

...You've been squating for years and have nothing to show for it!

...you have no idea what I'm talking about...


Because no matter how many specific functional exercises you do...if you don't know the most important step to take prior to working your muscles you will never consistently get them to contract.  And if you cant get them to contract at will then you are just reinforcing a bad pattern...WHICH WILL RESULT IN NO MUSCELS AT ALL!

 How much have you spent on trainers, coaches, therapists with nothing to show...not a body you're proud of...NOT AT ALL?

(That whole working out but not getting any results thing is overrated!  Time to make a change and get the Butt you've been dreaming of!)

"Within 3 days of doing Coach Adams exercises my body opened up, my long-term back pain went away and I had more energy!"

"I've had back pain for years!  I played soccer my entire life and lately I havent been able to move like I used to.  

After one day of workign with Coach Tim I realized I could walk more freely.  After day two my back pain began to decrease.  After day three I felt better than I've felt in 20 years!  Thank you Coach Adams!  This stuff really works!"



Your Bottom LineTM

Your COMPLETE A-Z System That Walks You Through the EXACT Steps Required For Building and Sculpting a Better Body...Get What You've Always Wanted!

That's really just a fancy pants way of saying you get access to:

  • Learn how the best performers in the world take care of their bodies.
  • When you learn how to take care of your body in this specific way you improve the way you move, you move with less effort and as a result you have more energy and will create greater longevity!
  • It’s the fastest way for you to create more life in your years.
  • The one thing you need to know and do before you ever consider working out!
  • Coaching from a World Class Performance Coach (yours truly!) who has coached Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions, NFL Super Bowl MVPs, NFL Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup Champions !  (ie. I know what I'm doing)
  • 24/7 INSTANT and lifetime access to Tim's Coaching.  Including all updates—so you’re always up to date! 
  • Step-by-step training with everything you need to get the Body you desire. Seriously. 
  • Exclusive membership to a growing community of other motivated individuals!




  • This is where we ASSESS and determine where you are!
  • Discover which exercise is best for you!
  • Find out what kind of Body you have...
  • Determine if your Muscles are firing properly!



  • This is where we OPEN UP YOUR BODY!
  • I'll show you EXACTLY how to reset your body in order to get your Muscles to fire immediately (knowing this is a pure game changer and worth 10x the investment!)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform each movement so that you open up your body without needing a degree in Medicine or Sports Science! (ie. If I can do it, you can too!)
  • How to perform specific movements properly so that you can sculpt the Booty of your dreams
  • ...and more!



  • This is where we RESET YOUR SYSTEM!
  • Learn how to flip the switch...the secret mechanism the body uses to let you know something needs to be done!
  • Learn the step by step process to ensure you will fire that Muscle at will!
  • Exactly what to do on a daily basis to make sure you are one day closer to that Body you can be proud of!
  • ...and more!



  • This is where you either USE IT OR LOOSE IT
  • You will learn how to perform  movements in a very specific way in order to reinforce the proper firing of your Muscles! (not performing these movements correctly will keep you where you are now...)
  • Discover a variety of exercises you can do right now to start feeling your Body transform with each rep you take.  
  • You will feel your Muscles for the first time in years!  These simple exercises will help you sculpt and build your Body exactly how you want them!
  • ...and more!



  • This is where we BUILD YOUR BODY!
  • Up to this point you think you are building your Muscles...This is what separates the head turning Body from those that are dismissible...
  • Learn the specific exercises you can do to build a amazing Muscles without ever having to step foot into a gym!
  • Learn how to change the way you perform this one common movement in order to completely change the results you will get!
  • Doing this one thing will build your Body better than any gym exercise!
  • ...and more!



  • This is where we learn how to properly RECOVER!
  • All the work you've been doing is for not if you don't learn how to take care of your body and recover properly!
  • Your ability to recover will determine how fast you get the Body of your dreams!
  • Discover what you need to do immediately after you work your Muscles to ensure you keep the progress going!
  • Don't waist one more rep when you learn how to do this one thing!
  • ...and more!



  • This is where you are given your ROADMAP!
  • Discover the step by step program you need to do on a daily basis to get the results you desire!
  • Nail down your schedule to optimize your performance
  • Take away your confusion and guess work and do what works...Get clarity...cut through the crap that doesn't work...Not only is it confusing it's waisting your time...start doing what's been time tested and proven with Professional Athletes...
  • ROCK Your new Body! 
  • ..and more!



Join for only $497

Yes! I want to build a Better Body!


11-Minute Routine! ($197 Value)

  • Improve your body's Range of Motion so that you can get the most out of your movements!
  • Improve your Joint Stability so you can move more efficiently. 
  • Improve your ability to handle load so that you can generate more life, vitality and positive hormones!
  • This is foundational to all your movements you do!


Nutrition 101 - Building Blocks for Your Body ($197 Value)


  • Nutrition to loose fat around your waist and hips
  • Nutrition guidance for building a more muscular body
  • Learn the basics about Intermittent Fasting,
  • Fat Loss,
  • Muscle Building and so much more!

Private Facebook Group ($588)

Get access to Coach Tim Adams during Live sessions once per week on Facebook. 

  •  Ask him questions on the spot! 
  • Get corrections on Technque
  • Stay accountable to your goals

This is an amazing community of individuals who are committed to getting results just like you!


Join Now for only $497


"I'm down 3 lbs in the last 4 days and I'm finally learning how to work my glutes so I feel them1"


"Wanted to report (after 1 week into the program) that I just had my first 2 hour International training session with ( team USA head coach ) today since starting Butt Camp and she said that I’m moving and cueing the best that she’s seen in months. Didn’t miss one single backside on an extension line or German turn. Even got a Japanese in on a long flat line. My dream just got some CPR thx to Butt Camp !!!! "

Dog Trainer

"It's only been one week and I am feeling so much better and stronger. I feel more centered and connected."


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