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Show up with Energy, Enthusiasm & Excellence with my 5-Minute Energy Activation™ System

The Energy Activation™ system is specifically designed for the entrepreneur who needs to show up with excellence in minutes!


Energy Activation™

Learn how to tap into the hidden reservoirs of energy in your body so you can lead, create, and serve your team, your clients, your company, your community, your family and most importantly, you can lead yourself from a place of power, alignment and certainty. 

In order to show up as your best self, with excellence every day, requires you to operate and function at a different level. In order to do that you must be able to generate the energy that you need to show up as your fullest self so that you can have more, do more, and be more!

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More Focus

More Energy

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"I was in the middle of a launch event and I needed to be spot on for my 3 hour presentation to 75 prospects. I wanted to make sure I nailed this so I called Tim. In minutes, not only was feeling better, I had the energy I needed to crush my launch! Thanks Tim! You're the best! "

Bobby Shandra
Marketing and Branding Expert

"My life is about performance. All of our lives are about performance. To me performance is everything. We are all graded by it, we are all paid by it. When you're ready to go to the top whether on stage or in the board room you need Tim Adams by your side. "

Usher Raymond IV
8 Time Grammy Award Winning Performer

Energy Activation™

"This program is designed for entrepreneurs who realize they need to show up with excellence every day."

From: Tim Adams

Subject: Calling All Who Truly LOVE What You Do!

How Many of you have thought this?

If you're an entrepreneur who loves what you do and gets so immersed in what you do that you loose track of time and all that is going on around you. 

If that's you, then you have probably pushed through many projects by reaching for that cup of coffee or energy drink not realizing that all the energy you need is right inside you...

You might be...

  • Exhausted
  • Overwhelmed
  • Unclear
  • Not focused
  • Stuck
  • Wondering Mind
  • Distracted
  • Sluggish
  • Racing Mind
  • And NOT Productive

Sound familiar?

And if that's YOU....I get it, because that's what every entrepreneur that's growing their business wants and wishes they had. 

They all want more energy and I am here to tell you that the energy is already inside of you  and its just dormant.

What I am going to do is teach you how to tap into that energy that is dormant and do it on demand, with my unique  system specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to experience more.

You see, I’ve had the opportunity to speak on some of the biggest stages around and working with some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. 

And and every single entrepreneur I've worked with just wishes they could tap into that energy when they needed it…

For example, I had a client call me the other day…this guy does huge webinars and video coaching calls where he has 75 - 100 entrepreneurs on there at once. 

And goes for 3-5 hours for each call…that's 3-5 hours of non-stop high energy just pouring himself into his clients.

I also had a speaker call me right before he was to go on stage because he wasn't feeling well. 

He had a 1600 clients waiting for him in the audience and he needs to show up 100% and tap into that energy...because at that time, he wasn't sure he could do it. 

That’s when I get the call.

So what I’ve done, is develop a very succinct and quick practice that you can do that I have designed specifically for entrepreneurs to tap into this energy on demand.

So you can show up your fullest self ready to serve, ready to influence and ready to create a massive impact.

And it's so easy to implement and follow you can do it right before your:

  • Phone Call
  • Meeting
  • Sales Call
  • Webinar
  • Go on Stage
  • Event
  • Zoom Call
  • Meeting with Team/Organization
  • Conference

Where you're there to inspire, lead, create, and serve your team, your tribe, your company, your community, your family and most of all you can lead yourself from a place of power, alignment and certainty. 

And that’s what this is for.

To help you show up at your fullest and best self when you need to and it's designed for entrepreneurs and busy professionals who need to tap into that energy within 5 minutes.

So I develop a short power routine called Energy Activation™ that helps you tap into unlimited energy to be more and do more and make a difference with your team your community

If this sounds like something you're interested in click on the link below and begin tapping into your energy on demand!

Let's get you ACTIVATED!



We also have package deals for your organization…

reach out to [email protected] to discuss details.

"I'm an Entrepreneur and a mother of a 10 year old. My life is filled with curveballs every day. I have to be on for my daughter and for my clients 16 hours at a minimum a day. I need energy and I need it NOW! Tim's routine is remarkable and has proven to help me daily!"

Wendy Posillico
Strands of Strength Founder

Energy Activation™

Learn How to Generate the Energy You Need to Show up With Excellence Every Day!

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