The following products are tools and technology I use with my clients. *

Some, for the past 30 years.  Others are new, yet all of them, I have personally tried myself and have utilized with my clients.  

The bottom line...THEY WORK!


* Full Disclosure: These are affiliate links!  That means I receive monetary compensation when you purchase the following products from my site.



This is a must!  

You will use this tool on a daily basis to reinforce the activation of specific muslce groups.    

It is necessary in order to complete the 11-Min Routine.

Get Mini-Band

Medicine Ball

This is a must!  

You will use this tool on a daily basis to roll out your body in a very specific manner.  

It is necessary in order to complete the 11-Min Routine.

Get Medicine Ball

Heskiers One Tool

This is my go to tool when I take care of my body as well as my clients.

It's specifically designed to be used in a variety of methods.  When used properly, it can diminish pain and open up your body remarkably well!

Get the One Tool

LAX Ball

I use a LAX ball for a variety of different soft tissue modalities.  

I like to roll out my feet with it.  I like to get into my hips with it as well.  I can also use it by grabbing the ball and using it as a fascial release because of the tackiness of the ball.

Get LAX Ball


This tool can be used for a variety of different soft tissue modalities.

The thing I like about this tool the most is the ability to get to areas of my back I can't reach otherwhise.  

Get TheraCane

Rapid Release

Use this percussion device to help with your self care.  It can help soften your tissue while helping you eliminate some of your scar tissue. 

This is a great device that I travel with regularly!

Get The Rapid Release



This small little ball is a life-saver on the road!

You can use this ball in conjuction with the 11-Minute Routine while you are traveling or at home!

Get Orb


This is a great source of minerals that I put in my water so that I can absorb what I drink more effectively.  

Instead of having the water go right through you when you don't have the proper minerals in it, this water stays in your system and actually hydrates you!


Get Concentrace

Starkey Water

Starkey water is a Geothermal, Single Source, 2 Miles Deep Spring Water that comes in a glass bottle.  

As a result, it has naturally occuring minerals that will help your body absorb the water and not just go right through you like most plastic bottled waters on the market today.  In addition, it is also naturally alkaline, at 9.6 Ph, for those who are concerened with their acid/alkaline balance.  

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Earthing Sheets

I love these sheets for when I travel!  

They are great for grounding your system and facilitating recovery and regeneration.

Get Earthing Sheets



Sequential Compression Device.  

This is a great tool to facilitate recovery after strenuous workouts!  It's also a great tool to use after long flights!

Get the Normatec


This unit can help facilitate recovery and help your body function more effectively.

Get the Compexz


Mark Pro

Great tool to help facilitate recovery and regeneration!

Get The Marc Pro

Game Ready

This is a compression and Ice Unit in one.  it is great for recovering from an injury but is also beneficial for recovery in general!

Get The Game Ready

Hyperice - Vibrating Sphere/Roller

I like to use the vibrating sphere to roll out on just as I would a Medicine Ball.

The vibration acts as a neurological stimulator as well as a fascial release.


Get the Vibrating Sphere


Mild Hyperbaric Chamber

The fastest way to recover!

This has been a go to secret weapon for all of my clients in the NFL and my Performers when they are on a world tour!

Increasing the oxygen to your cells is one of the greatest ways you can improve your tolerance to stress!  It can improve your memory, concentration, ability to handle stress, recovery from workouts, injuries, and illness!  


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Vibrating Platform

Vibration training is a very advanced modality and should not be used unless you have been trained on how to properly use this device!  

This is not a tool you just stand must know what you are doing or it can be extremly dangerous!  

The benefits are remarkable!  

It can be used to enhance your Testosterone, Growth hormone and decrease your Cortisol all by just standing on this device.

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