11-Minute Routine

Do you have pain in your body?

Is your Range of Motion/Flexibility less than it was 10 years ago or even a year ago?

Are you tight and restricted?  

Do you have tension in your tissue?

Do you walk like Frankenstein?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in for a treat!  

The 11-Minute Routine is a Revolutionary process that seems too simple to work.  And yet that is the beauty of this proprietary process.  Coach Tim Adams has spent his entire coaching career formulating this process and proved it's efficacy while coaching in the NHL for the Los Angles Kings.

This process will help open your body, increase your range of motion, improve your ability to stabilize your joints, help you move more efficiently and help you handle load.

What does that mean to you?  

Well it means you can come home after a long days work and still have energy to play with your kids...and get on the ground and roll around with them and not worry about getting hurt.

You can focus more attentively and for longer periods of time when you perform this routine on a consistent and daily basis.

You have enough energy to come home and connect with your better half.

You can go to the gym and perform all the squats, cleans and deadlifts you want with less of a chance of imploding.  

You can load your body and know that your chances of getting injured have diminished drastically! 

Move with less effort and move more powerfully by using the 11- Minute Routine!

So what exactly is the 11-Minute Routine?

Tim will walk you through every aspect of the 15 exercises of the 11-Minute routine on a daily basis!

Perform this routine and you can watch your ROM improve instantly, your pain dimimish and you function more efficiently.

You should perform this routine every day and for some of you...you should do it multiple times a day.

Regardless the routine should be performed prior to exercise in order to minimize your chances of injury!